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FY19 Three Circle Grant & Interim Ag Consultant Named

Monday, April 30, 2018

  1. Interim Ag Ed Consultant - Technical Assistance During Transition
  2. FY19 Three Circles (FFA & SAE) Grant Initial Application Active
  3. FY18 Three Circles (FFA & SAE) Grant Reminders
  4. Incentive Funding Grant (FY18 & FY19)
  5. District Administrators - GATA Pre-Qualification for Grants


Interim Ag Ed Consultant - Technical Assistance During Transition

Given my departure from this specific role at ISBE, there will be a need to provide technical assistance in working on the grants, answering grant-related questions, and other assignments as necessary.  Another consultant (CTE) familiar with Agricultural Education has been identified to provide this technical assistance and complete the Ag Ed grant work in the interim until a new consultant for Ag Ed has been identified.  Please welcome Brian Houser ( to this interim role and assist him by completing requests for information and submitting applications in a timely manner.  It is anticipated that the ISBE job posting for the open consultant position serving Ag Ed (State FFA Advisor) will be posted shortly.  A separate message will be sent with additional information once the posting is publicly available. 


FY19 Three Circles (FFA & SAE) Grant Initial Application Active

The initial application for the new Three Circle (FFA & SAE) Grant has been released and is now open for eligible districts to submit who are interested in participating in the grant.  Please review these key points.

  1. Districts interested in applying for this grant should submit the initial application between now and August 31, 2018 so allocations can be determined and the budget application can be released in a timely manner. 
  2. Please be sure that district and teacher information is accurate when submitted in the initial application. 
  3. A new feature added to this year’s initial application is the question mark icon.  This icon can be clicked on which will bring up additional information/guidance on that particular question. 
  4. The start date for the FY19 Three Circles (FFA & SAE) Grant (at which point hours can begin to accumulate) will be determined by the submission of a substantially approvable budget application. (Sept)  Therefore, this year (FY19) only hours between July 1, 2018 and approximately September 7, 2018 will likely not be eligible to count towards this grant. 

Grant information and resources can be found under the Three Circle Grant pull-down menu.  A recorded webinar as well as the initial application can be found at preceding link.  If you seek additional assistance, please contact your FCAE Program Advisor as necessary.  For program questions regarding this grant, please contact Brian Houser  at 217-524-4832.


FY18 Three Circles (FFA & SAE) Grant Reminders

The end of the current fiscal year (FY18) and the first year of this grant (Three Circles) is quickly approaching.  Please review the following important points of information about this grant to ensure the district and/or teacher is aware and/or completes the requirements, as applicable to each point.

  1. The required pieces of information that must be part of your recorded hour log include: 1) the school district; 2) teacher name(s); 3) date and start time of activity; 4) a description (i.e. FFA, SAE, Curricular) of how the activity performed relates to the activities approved under the grant; 5) number of hours spent on each activity; and 6) the number of individuals impacted.  Please ensure all of these components are part of your activity log of hours.
  2. A teacher is paid for and required to have worked and recorded 400 hours (no more; no less) to meet the grant requirements. This documentation will be uploaded in a final report (progress report in next year’s grant application) to ISBE as well as summary information (# of individuals impacted, total hours by component, program funds raised during extended hours, start/end time of school day, etc. ) reported. However, it is recommended to document more than 400 hours in case some hours are determined to be non-approvable types of activities/hours.  A few examples of non-approvable hours of activity would be sleeping hours during an event when responsible for students; grading papers (this is an expectation of your classroom contract time); time for activity recorded during the regular school day.
  3. The entire 60 day value payment (both district’s and grant’s portions) will need to be paid by the end date (June 30) regardless of if the payment from the state has arrived.  If the state payment has not yet arrived to the district, the district will need to use local funds in the interim to make the payment until the state funds arrive to reimburse the district.  The district will need to upload documentation (in the progress report in next year’s grant application) demonstrating it made the 60 day value payment to the teacher(s) in their grant.
  4. In an effort to provide some clarification regarding the hold harmless provision for this grant, the rules indicate that a teacher would be held harmless in two situations that could occur.  If the grant was prorated or if the grant was no longer available (i.e. no allocation of funds), then the teacher would be held harmless in these two cases meaning that a teacher would fall back to the original contract agreement between the teacher and district prior to the grant.
  5. In an effort to provide clarification regarding a prorated grant situation, the district has the option in the initial application to determine whether or not it would like to remain part of the grant if their allocation is prorated.  If the district indicates ‘yes’, it will remain in the grant and a prorated allocation will be calculated with the district responsible for any shortfall in the 60 day value.  If the district indicates ‘no’, it will drop out of the grant in the case of a proration with no further obligation.  A prorated allocation would occur only if the requests for funds from districts were greater than the state funds available to cover district requests.  In the case of the prorated allocation, the expectation of hours remains at 400 and the 60 day value must still be paid although a larger portion will be paid by the district due to the prorated allocation.


Incentive Funding Grant

FY18 – Amendments should be submitted by districts with this grant due to the increase in the allocation for this grant last month.  The end date of the grant is June 30 so all grant funds must be spent by that date or the district will be required to return funds.  Please keep track of your expenditures so you know if all funds have been spent or if additional amendments are required.  Here is a link to the instructions (in table of contents, click on #9) where one can follow the steps of how to amend the grant. 

FY19 - The online application for the FY19 Incentive Funding Grant is now active and available to complete based on the 2017-2018 school year for each agriculture program at qualifying schools.  You should now be able to login to your application ( and begin completing the teacher entered indicators (in red text).  Complete the application, save your changes, finalize and submit your FY19 application on or before June 30, 2018.  Please read each indicator for accuracy and check only the indicators you have completed and can document for the 2017-2018 school yearSimilar to last year, the FY19 Incentive Funding Grant application process will be completed at (step 1) while only the budget process (step 2) will be located on IWAS/e-GMS.   See previous message for more information.

District Administrators - GATA Pre-Qualification for Grants

Just a friendly reminder to district administrators to be sure to complete the steps required by GATA to pre-qualify for any FY19 grants (including Ag Ed).  This must be completed before FY19 grants can be accessed and/or approved. More information can be found on the GATA page under the Registration Process pull-down menu.  Be sure to complete the four steps identified there including completion of the ICQ (now available), pre-qualification (may require renewal of numbers), authentication, and registration.

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